Dutch challenge

Tomorrow I am starting another challenge with a friend to study Dutch. Actually it is happening exactly after I invited friends and paid for their luch today, because I had lost my previous challenge which was to exercise French every day.

The French challenge was lost by accident. The challenge was to do 2 duolingo exercises a day. Unfortunately duo lingo app does not provide statistics to track how many exercise for a particular language was done. It just shows how many days you were on a streak and streak is based on all languages.

In order to make it easy to monitor our progress I set up a small script in python. You can read about it here.

To make it simple the script did not actually check that a user did 2 exercise a day. It checked a magic variable streak in a language section. It looks like duoling also has a language streak concept in their API, but it is not public. At some point I have found out that it was enough to do only a single exercise in order to get a language streak. But our challenge was to to 2 French exercises. Basically the monitoring tool did not do it job properly.

And that bit me. One evening I used the tool to check if I did my French lesson in the morning. And it showed me that I was fine. But the next day the Duolingo app said to me that I lost my streak. Apparently I only did a single exercise in the morning which was enough for the monitoring tool, but not enough to stay in the challenge.

From tomorrow we are starting a new challenge to study Dutch. One part of the challenge is to do N exercies a day where N can vary based on agreement. Based on the fact that the last time I lost almost only because of bad tooling (and also because of bad memory), I improved it to keep track of earned experience, which represents number of exercise 1-to-1 (I hope that it does).

The improved script remembers amount of experience and checks that a user earns at least 20 experience a day to keep the challenge going. I doubt that it represents 2 exercises exactly, because I can see that experience is not divisible by 10 (I have experience of 1102 for some language).

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