A good friend of mine (let’s call him D.) asked if I could help his nephew V. with English essay. He studies in middle school in Russia. It’s not the first time V. did not do his homework. I recommended to copy some examples from google. It would be at least more useful for him rather than doing nothing. But he said that schoold checks homework for plagiarism. What?!

That really surprised me. I honestly do not expect an English teacher from any middle school to verify assignments for plagiarism in Google.

So I decided to run a small experiment. I’ll include invisible copy of the homework into this post. Google will be able to find it here. And if I get at least one referral from Google to this page I would start to think that teachers might check homework against Google. But I highly doubt it.

Good morning, Ingas. I've been at Liberland for almost one week. It's a small village which is located some 200km east of my hometown, Bugulma. A classmate of mine invited me for the winter break. His grandparents live in this village. It is an amazing place in the middle of nowhere. The air is fresh and clean, because there are almost no cars around. We did lots of skiing and ice hockey. His grandparents are quite old. We helped them with snow shovelling. There are many kids around and when the temperature gets warmer, we do a snowball fight. I will send you this letter once I get back to Bugulma. There is no post office in this village.

Cheers, Vadim

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