Trip to Russia or Uber VS Yandex Taxi

Currently I am traveling in Italy, but I have to post something, because of the yet another challenge where I have to make a post every week. So I am writing 200 meaningless words from a car.

Last week I went to visit Russia. The main purpose was to see friends, family and how the life has changed in 3 years.

The trip has started on the Russian border. The office was surprised about my long absense (he even made “phew” sound). Despite the fact that I got so many questions about my work abroad I was allowed to enter Russia.

The Moscow city center impressed with lots of rennovations. It looks much better then a few years ago. Many walking paths have got tiles instead of asphalt. There is always a nice place to eat or to drink. If I ever become a millionaire then I would not mind to live in the center. My positive experiene was improved by amazing weather and good people around. Just imagine sitting outside in nice weather with friends on Friday afternoon while nice girls are passing you.

I decided to use Uber as a taxi in Moscow. It was my first experience. First two trips were great, it felt reliable and affordable. But then it was spoiled when I was trying to show to my friend from Yandex how Uber was great. The first Uber arrived and the driver asked to cancel because “he did not have enough gas”. Or maybe he did not want to go to the destination? The second Uber arrived and stopped in about 1 km from my location. I could not reach the driver and the only option left was to cancel. Uber charged 100 RUB for cancellation. Then my friend pressed “Yandex Taxi” button and in 5 minutes we have got a cab to our exact location.

That evening I had another terrible experience with Uber. With the same friend we requested Uber and Yandex Taxi to the same location. Yandex arrived in 5 minutes and they left, but I was stuck with unreachable drivers for annother 15 minutes.

Next time I am going to try Yandex Taxi.

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